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About Digital Fibre

Digital Fibre Limited have been providing software based business solutions since 2003. Today, now known as DigiFi, we specialise in Employee Reward and Recognition schemes using social and physical gift thank yous. More recently we have upgraded to include Employee Engagement surveys, Action Planning and a variety of Collaboration tools. We have a very strong reputation for writing robust software that is tailored to meet the client’s exact requirements in terms of functionality, branding and reporting. The software formally helps businesses embed their company values, increase retention and enhance teamwork in a simple, intuitive and easy to use way. Historically, this sort of solution was only available to large enterprises with enormous budgets; the cloud has driven costs down and brought this solution within the reach of medium and large businesses anywhere in the world whether using laptops, tablets or smart phones.

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Digital Fibre Limited was founded by Torstein Sørlid in 2003 and started life providing technology solutions for agencies running consumer promotions for their clients. The Wincentive platform was created for clients who needed a rapid deployment that was quickly scalable to handle audiences of any size. Typical programmes were for on-pack promotions and in-store campaigns where consumers would collect vouchers and redeem them on the branded Wincentive site with the opportunity to win prizes.

The Wincentive platform was so successful that within a short period of time clients were asking if it could be used to run other types of incentives and employee programmes such as recognition programmes and employee incentives. The platform was upgraded and moved to the Amazon Cloud, making DigiFi a very early adopter of cloud technologies.

In 2011, the Grass Roots Group, one of the leading providers of business-to-business employee and consumer services bought a majority stake in DigiFi. One of the benefits was that this allowed DigiFi to invest more time and money into building a brand new platform designed to provide a level of flexibility and speed to market previously unknown in this arena. The new platform was designed so that agencies and clients anywhere in the world could configure and launch their own programmes without the need for expensive programmers or over-reliance on a central team. Inspire was born.

On 1st January 2014, the Directors of DigiFi acquired the stake held by Grass Roots through a Management Buyout which means that 100% of the business is now in the hands of the company’s Directors and employees.

The Directors

Torstein Sørlid

Torstein Sørlid founded Digital Fibre Limited in 2003. He describes himself as Chief Architect and has been responsible for the design of two substantial platforms both of which have delivered measurable success to dozens of clients, including giants British Gas and McDonalds. Following the MBO of the business, he is looking forward to entering new markets and accelerating the double-digit growth of the company.


Inspire is a proprietary software platform (PaaS) that has been developed by DigiFi over the last six years to enable clients to run Employee Collaboration programmes, Channel and Consumer Incentives, in a way that has not before been possible. By creating “Out Of the Box” SaaS packages, we make it simple for our clients to specify the functionality they want and get their programme up and running fast without wasting time on unnecessary documentation and on specifying pre-existing components.

The process is simple:

  1. Look at a functional “Out Of the Box” demo and agree which parts you want to launch with and what you may wish to add later
  2. Agree proposal document which includes functionality and budget
  3. Agree implementation plan
  4. Review your configuration on your live website that we have created for you and confirm it meets your requirements (Review the real thing rather than a long document)
  5. Confirm final specification
  6. Final testing
  7. Go-live
  8. Regular reviews to ensure objectives are being met and to see how the latest releases of Inspire functionality can benefit you

"How difficult it is to be simple” Vincent van Gogh