Thoughts from Digital Fibre

Super Chickens
With chickens it’s easier to measure productivity than with your workforce; you just count the eggs. So when Margaret Heffernan described a piece of research... read more

Brexit breakfast brief for business
The only certain thing coming out of Brexit is uncertainty. 52% of UK voters chose change over the status quo many because they think life was better for them before or because it is so bad now that change must be a risk worth taking... read more

Free performance-enhancing drugs at work?
How do you go from mediocre to high performance. And save money in the process? Legal workplace drug use? We all have naturally occurring chemicals in our body and this interesting read more

How Misleading is this Headline?
A headline-grabbing piece of research into workplace motivators was widely covered by both the industry press and the national press last week. It seems that Pizza may be more interesting than the truth! The research was conducted by Dan Airley who is a Professor of Psychology and read more

A Room with some Views
A summary of DigiFi’s recent seminar to discuss employee engagement, talent retention and recognition issues. Late last year, we welcomed a distinguished group of DigiFi friends to a special networking event – ‘A Room with Some Views’... read more

Employee Appraisals Don't Work
Michael Rose’s recent post at Employee Engagement Pioneers reminded me of an article I read in the Harvard Business Review last year on Deloitte who were in the process of read more

Are 69% of Employers wasting their money?
Is the annual Employee Engagement survey dead? Are 69% of Employers wasting their money? We think so. Why wait a year to find out what your people are thinking? Why conduct a survey read more

Boost productivity by 12% (and free chocolate)
Boost your productivity by 12% (and FREE Chocolate) Would you like to boost productivity in your organisation by 12%? I suspect the answer to this is 'Yes, so long as it is easy and inexpensive and not an read more