As we have been in business for over 10 years, we have an impressive selection of blue chip clients already using Inspire and Wincentive. Our two platforms currently host dozens of client programmes, ranging from simple consumer websites through to sophisticated channel incentives and employee programmes some supporting tens of thousands of users.

Our clients fall into the following sectors and against each we have given the briefest of descriptions of some of the work we do:


For one of the world’s most exclusive automotive brands, our Inspire platform hosts a global incentive programme operating in five languages including simplified Chinese, aimed at the dealer network in 33 countries. The programme is designed to increase sales and dealer awareness of new product lines.

High Street Retail

We have a number of programmes live in this sector ranging from a major jewellery chain through to resellers of kitchens and appliances. Typically these programmes are incentive based and include regular tactical activity to react rapidly to market conditions. Our platforms have in-built communications enabling rapid, scheduled, segmented and targeted communications to go out to the audience base to maximise response rates and ultimately programme ROI. Timing is of the essence.


Our Inspire platform operates a sophisticated employee recognition and engagement programme for one of the UK’s largest mobile phone companies. The programme is designed to cater to the client’s specific requirements for a number of different internal audiences. The current programme was the result of the fusion of previous programmes that were run separately in different places. Approximately 8,000 employees have access to the system and its vast choice of rewards.

We also have a very long-standing relationship with a fixed-line telephone provider for whom we run highly successful sales incentives.


Our first Inspire client is a global leader in business process and document management. Inspire operates channel incentives in two continents. The way Inspire is configured allows each country manager to choose when to run an incentive, who it should be targeted at, and how much reward to offer. This is a very cost effective way for clients to run programmes in multiple geographies without having to re-invent locally each time.


A major pharma company moved their employee recognition programme to Inspire. The transition was painless and they now use standard Inspire peer-to-peer and manager-to-peer recognition functionality with built-in reward redemption shop.


In the leisure sector, we have clients in the hotel and the restaurant trades. The largest of these programmes is aimed at an employee base in the tens of thousands and is designed to incentivise and recognise certain behaviours. Points are accumulated by each member of staff and can then be converted to money on their pre-paid debit card. All of this is automated in Inspire.

Other programmes in this sector include tactical programmes aimed at hotel bookers designed to reward their loyalty and encourage them to make new bookings.

Financial Services

We operate tactical sales incentives for clients in this sector, allowing them to target specific behaviours and run communications campaigns to support them and use the integrated reward catalogues.


One of the client programmes is for a major energy supplier and is designed to engage staff by providing a variety of games and other fun based mechanisms to make participation and earning of rewards more engaging.


There is a wide range of other clients, some UK based, some based in other countries such as Spain and Germany. We also run a regular flow of consumer promotions which are designed to manage activities such as on-pack promotions where consumers are invited to register to have a chance to win a prize.