How does Inspire Recognition work?

By celebrating people’s achievements

Research shows us time and again that saying “Thank You” is one of the most valuable tools in a Manager’s armoury. Yet paradoxically it costs nothing. Exit surveys conducted when employees leave show that lack of recognition is one of the main reasons people leave your organisation, regularly identified as a bigger concern than pay. So why not take advantage of this and turn your organisation into one where people’s achievements are celebrated in such a way that this celebration becomes part of your culture. Inspire Recognition makes it easy for anyone to thank a colleague, at the push of a button, in a consistent way that is aligned to your values. Whether it is appropriate to share this recognition socially across your company or keep it as a private Thank You between the people concerned, Inspire Recognition will enable these communications in a modern, relevant and fair way across your business. And don’t for a moment think that technology is going to take over from face to face communication. On the contrary, the best technology only serves to make your F2F time more timely, better prepared and better supported. In addition to Recognition, Inspire will ensure that none of your managers ever misses an employee’s Long Service Award and that it is celebrated as is appropriate in your organisation.

How are people recognised?

Inspire Recognition enables a recognition culture across your business by aligning “Thank Yous”, or “Recognitions”, to your Company Values. For example, if your colleague Boris has gone the extra mile to support one of your Values “Collaboration”, you may choose to recognise him for a Bronze Award. You go to your intranet, click Recognition and select Bronze Award. You are presented with a simple form on which you select Boris, the Company Value that best represents the behaviour you are recognising and then you write a short paragraph to explain how Boris demonstrated the chosen Value and click “Recognise”. Your Recognition is then instantly posted on the Company Recognition wall in social media type style so that other employees across the organisation can go in and comment on the Recognition, “like” it or simply review all the great activity that has been posted. A Silver Award is the next level up and you could set it up to provide a reward that the recipient can choose from the integrated Shop once the line manager has approved the Recognition. There are also Gold Awards and Platinum Awards available for those special (e.g. quarterly / annual) Recognitions. In reality we can configure your Recognition programme virtually however you want, the greatest limitation being your imagination.

How is the system controlled?

In the first instance, you control the functionality that will be offered to your organisation: the award types and levels, the reward value - if you chose to have any - the text and messaging across the site and the system generated messages. Once operational, you can elect to push as much - or as little - control as you wish to your managers and / or your programme administrators. You control how much control your people have. You may be concerned about the suitability or appropriateness of what your employees post to the wall, particularly if you choose to have an award level that does not require manager approval. Surprisingly perhaps, in all the decades we have been running such programmes, the instances of misuse are very few and far between. However, you can rapidly remove a comment if you wish, but we don’t think you will ever need to. Consider this: in the days of the noticeboard, how often did anyone post something really unsuitable on it? With our social walls, this is even less likely as their name will be on it for the entire organisation to see.

What does it look like?

The simple answer is that it can look like whatever you want! We start off with our “Out Of the Box” Recognition service and we re-configure the changes you would like. This could be as easy as dropping in your company logo or it could be a complete re-branding so that your Recognition programme looks like it is part of your intranet or website. The look, positioning and layout of the components - such as buttons, walls, icons, etc. - can also be changed to virtually anything you wish.

Is it compatible with my existing IT infrastructure?

You have a number of different choices when it comes to integrating your Recognition programme. These range from leaving it as a separate website where employees need to login with a username and password through to a seemingly fully integrated website that appears to users to be part of your internal network or intranet and where it is accessed via a single click with no further username/passwords required. Our Recognition service also comes “Out Of the Box” with full mobile compatibility in a responsive design, which means it looks great on a smartphone or tablet. The other IT requirement is of course your employee details which will need to be regularly uploaded to ensure that nobody is excluded from using the service. We have a lot of flexibility built into the file format to make it easy for you to provide the minimum necessary data in the extract format that is easiest for you. We operate to the highest IT and Data Security standards to ensure that there is no real risk to your data at any time.

Rapid deployment

The concept behind “Out Of the Box” Recognition is to provide you with the simplest and fastest way to launch a really great Recognition programme that is going to have a big positive impact across your organisation. If you elect to make a minimal amount of changes, you can normally expect to launch in days / weeks rather than months but to a large extent it will depend upon availability and speed on your side. For a programme with significant changes and multiple stakeholder involvement on your side, you should allow at least a couple of months from confirmation to proceed to launch. However, either way, rest assured that we use the latest rapid deployment techniques to make sure no time is lost; our technology approach will speed things up for you quite considerably.

How are people rewarded?

In addition to the social recognition received from peers and managers and shared publically, which for many people can be worth a great deal if correctly implemented (for some it can be worth more than a pay rise) you can also elect to include rewards in the programme. Inspire Recognition comes Out Of the Box with a fully integrated Shop. You can allocate a virtual currency (e.g. “Points”) at say Silver and Gold Award levels and these funds can then be exchanged for rewards in the Inspire Shop. The Shop has thousands of items all attractively priced ranging from High Street Vouchers through to unforgettable experiences such as Tea at The Ritz, Ghost Hunting or driving a sports car around a racetrack. There is definitely something for everyone. You also have the option to personalise the Shop by selecting specific ranges and adding in your own products where appropriate.

How is success measured?

There are many different ways of measuring success. Assuming that you buy into the impact effective Recognition can have on the bottom line of your organisation (download our white paper “Why Recognise” for more information), a good starting point is to measure how often the Recognition programme is being used and to review who the most regular users are and why. Inspire Recognition makes this easy for you to do by providing readily accessible real-time online visual reports in addition to full data reports that can be searched and filtered in real-time or downloaded for further interrogation. In just a few clicks you can be looking at the number of logins in the period you select, which employees are using the system, the number of Recognitions at the different levels and so on. Not only does this allow you to measure success at any moment, but the data will permit you to establish where it is working most effectively and how to spread this fully across your organisation. Once your Recognition programme is well established, you will be able to start to consider deeper analytics such as which areas of the business are working together most effectively, what are the characteristics of the most prolific nominators and receivers of Recognition, the impact of a great Manager and that relationship with Recognition and employee satisfaction etc.. We call this: “Crowd-sourced Staff Appraisals” and this data is invaluable for identifying your star performers who should be targeted for incentives or special Recognition to ensure they don’t leave your organisation. You will also be able to monitor the success of Inspire Recognition through your employee survey and (if done right) through reductions in staff turnover, sick days etc.

How can the system help improve my employee survey results?

Most organisations run an annual employee survey with a view to making their organisation as attractive as possible in order to improve employee retention and to attract new recruits. A key area that usually sits on the HR Director’s Action Planner for ages after each survey relates to employee engagement. Do you score sufficiently well in this area? Are your employees really proud to work for you? Do they feel their work is recognised? And there are plenty of other such questions that many organisations struggle to improve year on year. A well designed, well implemented Employee Recognition programme will significantly enhance your survey results - ultimately impacting positively on your bottom line.

How is it different?

Inspire Recognition differs from other services that are available as it is cost effective for organisations with as few as 100 staff as well as larger companies with tens of thousands of employees. It comes pre-configured “Out Of the Box”, so whether you just want us to add your logo or you want a full re-design, you will be surprised at how quickly you can be up and running. You won’t be surprised to hear we think it’s the best Recognition service in the world - let us show you and prove that it is. With decades of industry experience driving its innovation, you will find that your employees get inspired when they use it. We add new features as part of our quarterly upgrade cycle so if there is anything you think is missing, just let us know! For example, we now have an Ideas Programme integrated into the service to ensure that you turn initiative into innovation across your business.