Overseas Partnerships

Our services are designed to operate on a multi-market, multi-lingual, multi-currency basis and are therefore suitable for use anywhere in the world. We currently have a number of client programmes that operate in different countries.

Additionally, we have formed partnerships in a number of markets with local experts. Together we are able to deploy our services, thanks to their local market knowledge, and our flexible technology.

We have an agreement with Grass Roots China who are based in Beijing and Shanghai to provide our Inspire Employee Recognition services for the local market.

We have formed a joint venture with The Brains Trust in Mumbai to provide our Inspire Employee Recognition services for the local market. Further information at

We have an agreement with two well-established and highly regarded US companies who specialise in the provision of rewards. Both Harco and Certif-A-Gift have been in business for several decades and our partnership includes the integration of their reward ranges into the Digital Fibre Inspire services.


UK Partnerships

Our first UK partnership is with Morale Solutions with whom we have a joint venture agreement to provide Pactivity to clients. Pactivity is a simple action planning service that is designed to take actions that come out of employee surveys (or anywhere else) and make them actually happen. So often , the valuable insight that comes out of surveys is not acted upon. Pactivity drives results.

Our Collaborate service is a partnership with People Count that allows us to offer a full internal employee collaboration service including the following components:

  • Complete constant temperature checks (with competitions to draw people in) and show real time results as well as provide the usual detailed results breakdowns as per a normal staff survey on a monthly basis.
  • We can run instant win competitions behind the surveys to encourage people to take the survey.
  • All results can be accessed online so there is no painful wait for survey results.
  • We can host, risk assess and feedback anonymous reporting so that your people have the confidence to report wrong doing.
  • Host an intranet that you can manage the content of completely
  • It has a Photo feedback wall so that your people can provide feedback about anything and submit pictures.
  • There is a social wall Suggestions Box to generate discussion and encourage creativity.
  • You can provide rewards from a full shop selection of high street and experience gifts
  • Social wall recognition for staff to praise each other and recognise the effort that they put in.
  • Long service recognition and reminders for managers so that those important anniversaries are never missed.
  • Introduce well being competitions using wearable tech to generate competition between teams and increase activity levels.
  • The service can be branded specifically for you or even designed to meet your exact requirements with additional functionality.