We are very proud of our latest technology platform, Inspire, which has now been operating for three years. The team has spent over 40 person-years of development time to ensure that our service provides clients with the best, latest, most efficient and effective solutions.

Our role is to help businesses with behavioural change which typically falls into the following areas:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Channel and Reseller Incentives
  • Consumer Promotions

Inspire is designed to run your programmes so that you no longer have to spend time and money developing them from scratch. You can now have best-in-class out-of-the-box ready-to-configure solutions. And every quarter, we add significant new functionality based on client feedback.

Too good to be true? Read on...

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Digital Fibre have been providing software solutions for Marketing Agencies and Clients since 2003. Our new Inspire platform was launched in 2012 building on the success of Wincentive. Our area of expertise is in Performance Improvement. We specialise in Employee Recognition & Incentives and Channel & Consumer Incentives, all packaged with strong Communications & Reporting. We were majority owned by The Grass Roots Group until 1st January 2014 when we completed a management buy-back. Our new business model provides our services both to Marketing Agencies and direct to our Clients.

When we work with Agencies, or Business Partners as we prefer to call them, we provide the software, our Business Partners provide added value, creativity, relationship management and project management services.

When we work directly with Clients, we provide the software and expertise, and we will select the most appropriate of our Business Partners to provide any additional services that may be required. This way our Clients can be sure they will be getting the best mix of services most suited to their needs. And 'best' means Quality, Service and Value.

Digital Fibre consists of a team of experienced professionals based in Tring about 30 miles from central London.


Our core service is the provision of our software platforms on which you can launch and operate your programmes at a fraction of the cost of developing them yourselves (and much quicker!). Our experienced team is able to offer a variety of support services to help our Business Partners and Clients develop, implement and operate the most effective programmes possible, and to ensure the desired behavioural changes take effect.

Most of our work is about behaviour change and it falls into the following areas:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Channel and Reseller Incentives
  • Consumer Promotions

Our Wincentive and Inspire platforms are designed to operate these programmes for you.

And we offer the following support services:

  • Consultancy to establish best programme design, maximum impact and ROI
  • Sales support (including wearing your hat to your Client meetings)
  • Configuration of your Inspire programmes (i.e. we can do the setup)
  • Custom development to your precise requirements
  • Inspire training and support for your in-house team (so that you become self-sufficient)

For further information of any of these services, please do contact us.


Our Inspire platform was launched in 2012 after two years of development and uses the know-how that the team gained through a decade of running incentives, promotions and recognition programmes on various proprietary platforms; most notably Wincentive from 2008 onwards.

Our Inspire philosophy is twofold:

  1. Put the power into the hands of our Business Partners and Clients
  2. Provide new relevant functionality every 3 months

What this means is that once we have trained our Business Partners to use Inspire, they can launch and operate their Client programmes without the need for programmers. As a Business Partner, all you need is a Business Analyst and an HTML designer. We will help you identify the right skill set and get you trained up in no time. When you are ready, you will be able to launch client programmes to your specification within the wide and flexible framework that Inspire offers. No two sites look the same; no two client programmes are the same.

Or, where appropriate, we provide our services directly to our Clients.

Inspire Incentives

Every quarter we will release new functionality to enhance the offer, influenced by what our Clients and Business Partners are telling us they would like to add to the platform. This ensures that Inspire always stays one step ahead, regularly offering added value to Business Partners, Clients and End Users.

Core functionality includes:


Websites – build and maintain sophisticated sites without specialist skills


Communications – run targeted, measured and follow-up communications and marketing campaigns to your database


Incentives – run local and multi-market incentive campaigns to drive sales with unlimited targeted campaigns


Recognition – run classical and social employee programmes to enhance engagement


Promotions – run consumer promotions to small and large audiences


Reward Fulfilment – we have a number of seamless and integrated options to provide best in class rewards and gifting as part of your programme


Reporting – Full reporting suites and custom built reporting available to interpret and add value to all client programmes. Spend your time adding value rather than generating manual reports.


What's New?

In the first Quarter of 2014, we started to release a series of 'Out Of the Box' or OOB solutions, designed to allow clients to take a look at the product, play with it and if they like it, get it up and running faster than you would expect. The first in the series is an Employee Recognition service designed to make it really easy to launch and get great results fast. The second OOB is a Private Social Network that allows closed user groups to communicate really effectively using latest social techniques in innovative ways.

In Q3 we upgraded our OOB Recognition service to add a whole host of new functionality. You now get far richer, more attractively presented functionality straight out-of-the-box. But you can also use this OOB as the base for a variety of other programmes to save you time and get a great looking result, e.g. import-based incentives, self-claim incentives (optionally with multiple products and tacticals) and lots more!

We have also added API functionality to enable fast and easy integration between Inspire and e.g. mobile / Facebook apps or third-party websites / services. For example, by linking your Inspire programme to Facebook via the API, you will be able to build traffic and promote your campaigns via your users' Facebook accounts to all of their Facebook friends giving you the opportunity to increase your reach exponentially.

Of great interest to anyone looking to the huge Chinese market; we have now integrated Inspire with WeChat. In China more than half a billion people use WeChat to access pretty much everything via their smartphones. The integration between WeChat and Inspire means that the power of Inspire is available to this audience for Employee Recognition, Incentives, Loyalty and Promotions.

Inspire will soon also be able to offer Polls and Quizzes, Long Service and Birthday awards. Contact us for more information and watch this space for further updates.

New to Inspire is our Out-Of-the-Box Visual Reporting. This means that you get some great data on key metrics presented graphically without even lifting a finger. Straight out of the box.



Wincentive is our original platform that has been used by our clients for many years. It provides rich functionality and can be designed to clients' specific requirements. Over the years we have run large-scale consumer promotions with millions of visits, we have run a large variety of incentive programmes for channels and employees and of course numerous employee recognition programmes. Most of these have the following functionality in common:

Additionally we build in specific functionality to match client requirements. Although Wincentive needs Digital Fibre's programming skills for the setup, it is normally quick to launch and refreshingly affordable.

The majority of our new clients are launched on our new Inspire platform, but we continue to offer Wincentive where it is appropriate.


We have been in business for over 10 years and have an impressive selection of blue chip clients already using Inspire and Wincentive. Our two platforms currently host dozens of client programmes; ranging from simple consumer websites through to sophisticated channel incentives and employee programmes - some supporting tens of thousands of users.

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Clients and programmes all over the world.

Business Partners

We are currently recruiting Business Partners who wish to offer the benefits that Inspire can bring to their clients and prospects.

We will select Business Partners based on their experience and specialisms. We will be investing a significant amount of time in each other to get up to speed so we need to make sure we can work well together. Our Business Partners do not compete with each other; each is unique based on specialisation, geography and approach.

If you are interested in talking to us, please do contact us.

Client Partners

We are actively seeking new Clients who would like to benefit from our services.

We passionately believe that every organisation in the world with more than a few dozen staff will benefit from an Employee Recognition programme; Better employee engagement, better working environment and better profitability.

We also believe strongly that a well structured and appropriately communicated incentive campaign can effectively alter the behaviour of your audience whether it be employees, channel partners or consumers. Some people call this loyalty, other promotions or incentives. Whatever you call it, let's agree the objectives and make a great ROI.


For Business Partner, Client or Sales enquiries please contact Adam Sidbury

+44 (0) 7802 490 653

For any technical questions, please contact Torstein Sørlid

+44 (0) 845 878 7777


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Torstein Sørlid
Founder & CEO
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Adam Sidbury
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We would like to welcome Jack and Lauren who have recently joined the team.

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