Offer your clients complete peace of mind with our PROmoTECT® guarantee - which means zero financial risk. We are trusted by insurers and specialist agencies that we can introduce to you, to protect the potential financial downside of your clients’ successful promotions. We work closely with industry bodies and regulators to ensure that our Inspire platform meets all requirements for producing secure and fair outcomes using tamper-proof technology.


  • Total Package: Inspire is not a patchwork of software applications, but a single integrated platform where everything is already built in.

  • No usage gap: Inspire is a general experience in which professional users can use 90% of its functionality and customise the software to suit any needs by configuring tried-and-tested tools and functionality.

  • Scalable solution-builder: Inspire is a single scalable platform for managing and facilitating a broad range of situations.

  • Complete solutions: Inspire is capable of creating solutions without limitations. From prototyping to finished product, you can rely on the same platform.

  • Local touch: Inspire has been designed to offer solutions locally. Launch and support services in your own language, and enjoy support and upgrades when required.

  • Tons of features: From Advanced Multi-Level User Segmentation to SSL Administration, Inspire has a vast array of features that are constantly being expanded and improved.

  • Up-to-date: Every quarter we update the Inspire platform with new functionality, giving you the tools to stay ahead.

  • Credibility: A true random number generation enables the platform to create random games, unpredictable passwords and fair odds. This method is evaluated and certified by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology.

  • Security: Inspire uses the highest security standards and regularly implements measures that go beyond state of the art in terms of security. Frequent penetration testing ensures a thorough and critical security analysis.

  • GDPR compliant: Users exercise direct control over all data with the simple click of a button. Easy and quick tooling allows users to export, share and delete user information.