What we do

Our expertise is feature-rich, scalable, reliable and secure software development. We have created a Platform as a Service (PaaS) called Inspire. This is particularly good for performance improvement programmes in the areas of loyalty, incentives, employee engagement and promotions. Our Inspire platform enables you to do all of this in a fast-to-market, cost-effective and secure way. Use Inspire to enhance existing relationships and create new programmes for your clients with ease.


Inspire (Performance Improvement Software)

Our Inspire performance improvement software platform provides a vast array of different services while ensuring users a complete, easy-to-use and rewarding experience. Our solutions can help medium and large businesses anywhere in the world to connect with users on laptops, tablets or smartphones.



We can help you get started, train up your teams, manage your programmes or develop bespoke functionality. It’s up to you how much support you want and you can run different programmes with different levels of support - it's entirely up to you.


Brands we work for

We are proud to run programmes for a vast array of clients, ranging from well-known multinationals to smaller, more local companies. Our client portfolio speaks for itself, showing that our solutions work in a broad field encompassing many different sectors:


Markets we work in

Our services are designed to operate anywhere in the world, in any number of markets, languages or currencies. We currently have a number of client programmes operating across the world from Europe to India and North America.

“We've been working with the Inspire software platform and the team of Digital Fibre for almost 6 years now. They have always delivered excellent service and a great product which helps us to create outstanding solutions for our clients.”

– Andrea Wylegala, Director, Grass Roots Germany


Loyalty programmes

Inspire enables you to reward and promote loyal buying behaviour to increase your company's market share and profits. By creating "out of the box" SaaS (Software as a Service) packages, we make it simple to specify the functionality you want and get your programme up and running fast.


Channel and Partner Loyalty

Inspire is designed to provide a series of communications services to promote loyalty from your reseller channels and help stimulate sales. With Inspire, you can communicate the right message to the right segment of your channel at the right time.


Customer loyalty

Inspire gives you a competitive market advantage and gain priceless brand ambassadors who will advocate your products. Our communication services, points-banking and built-in e-shop make it easy for you to acquire and retain loyal customers.


Tactical promotions

Inspire makes your promotions more engaging and memorable by adding games, such as "spin the wheel", interactive scratch card, fruit machine and more. Promote sales and brand loyalty by running tactical promotions using games to distribute prizes in fun and entertaining ways.


Employee engagement

Inspire's series of interconnected services help employees collaborate across the organisation and make it easy for managers to say Thank You and reward good deeds. Research shows - and smart employers know - that happy staff work harder, are more loyal to their employer and stay in their jobs for longer. Start with the services that answer your most pressing needs and add enhancements as and when required.



Inspire allows you to create medium-term loyalty by engaging your partners and locking them into attractively structured programmes. For example, you can reward achievement of KPIs to ensure that you only pay for enhanced performance. In addition, we offer a promotion management software add-on for creating branded customer and employee experiences.