About us

We are a tightly knit team of highly motivated software developers working with an inspired board of digitally savvy leaders in the field of branding, communications, sales promotion, marketing and loyalty.

Colin Gilchrist Colin Gilchrist

Colin Gilchrist is Chief Architect at Digital Fibre and has been responsible for the design, delivery and support of two substantial technology platforms. Both platforms have delivered measurable success to over a hundred well-known clients, including giants Xerox, Orange/EE, British Gas and McDonalds.

Colin has over 25 years' commercial software and platform development experience in communications, loyalty, rewards and fin-tech industries.

Erik Saelens Erik Saelens

Erik Saelens has over 20 years' experience in brand marketing and communications. He is the founder of Brandhome, which specialises in brand management, rebranding and renaming. Erik has personally researched more than 250 brandchange operations worldwide, has written 15 books on brand marketing, and is a regular speaker at conferences, as well as contributor to specialist sector media.

Ruben Verhelst Ruben Verhelst

Ruben Verhelst started his career in Management Consulting at McKinsey & Company where he learned the ropes of doing business and built expertise strategy. As Tech enthusiast, he continued his career at Showpad, a sales enablement platform, where he was part of the strategy & finance team.

Marc Ferlet Marc Ferlet

Marc is a Paris native who moved to the United States to earn a bachelors in political theory. Following that he's worked for PR firms in Washington D.C. all the way to real estate agencies in Tokyo. Now back in Europe, he's shifted his focus to the intersection of marketing and tech.

Dennison Bertram Dennison Bertram

Dennison Bertram is a multidisciplinary artist, technologist and entrepreneur that has pursued the cutting edge in art and technology for the past 15 years.

Gegham Artsuni Gegham Artsuni

Accomplished business leader with over 10 years of experience in consumer goods industry. Skilled at building and leading cross-cultural teams, expanding businesses to new markets, developing new sales channels. Harvard trained, with master’s degree in General Management.